FLORIDA FORKLIFT designs, supplies and installs custom, free-standing and shelving supported mezzanine structures that add needed space and safety to your facilities. Our industrial mezzanine and work platform systems are designed to help you maximize your facility footprint and increase productivity


Decking choices for mezzanines and work platforms-

Open Bar Grating Mezzanine Deck By far the strongest and most versatile type of open deck available.
It allows maximum transfer of heat, sound, and ventilation between levels. Often specified in sites which require all fireproof materials or ventilation requirements.

Plywood on B-Deck  Mezzanine Deck A durable, economical choice. 20-gauge galvanized B-deck is used as the standard, helping mezzanines/work platforms maintain a like-new appearance for years. B-deck is typically covered with one layers of plywood.
Suitable for in-plant offices,enclosures, storage, and a variety of other uses.

Concrete over B-Deck Mezzanine Deck  Concrete is poured-in-place over B-deck. Often specified in sites which require all fireproof materials, but can be applied in any facility which needs the durability and permanence that only concrete can offer.

Engineered Materials Mezzanine Deck Various brands of wear-resistant deck material are recommended in applications requiring a variety of thicknesses, colors and surfaces are available. Recommended in applications requiring a solid floor which may be subject to heavy traffic loads from wheeled carts, dollies or lifts.

ResinDek® on B-Deck Mezzanine Deck Supports foot traffic and live/ dead loads from 1,250 lbs to 8,000 lbs. Resists stains and scratches. Superior cleanability. Panel joints are designed to handle rated loads when installed as recommended. Appropriate for almost any application on mezzanines/work platforms or conveyor support systems.

Diamond Plate Decking Mezzanine Provides outstanding wear resistance, with embossed pattern to
reduce slippage. The strength of the steel helps to distribute concentrated loads. Steel deck is also available without a diamond pattern. This is the material of choice for heavy loads and to resist damage in pallet loading drop areas.

Structural mezzanines and work platforms help transform unused overhead space into valuable floors pace. Each free standing mezzanine or work platform is designed to fit around existing columns and or machinery to obtain the greatest amount of usable floor space vertically. Openings and stairways can be located where needed. Mezzanines/work platforms offer a simple nut-and-bolt design that allows for future expandability without extensive re-engineering. And, any mezzanine/work platform can be dismantled and reassembled offering great flexibility. Mezzanines / work platforms can be 1 or 3 levels high doubling or tripling storage space.